Treasure? Yo, ho, ho!

I’ve just got back from the first performance of Treasure Island by Year 3/4.

Wow! What can I say?

Excellent acting, singing and dancing.

Did you enjoy it?

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  1. saarah says:

    thanx for doing the play i loved it so much that i want to do it again

  2. Jamie says:

    I loved the play! I was Jim

  3. Vikram says:

    I engoyed it very mutch

  4. talithaj 3cw says:

    i loved it. I was in the last dance. On the last night,i looked really silly,because i had no partner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Liyaa 4JW says:

    I was Janie .It was awesome a big thanks to the Yr 3 & Yr 4 teachers

  6. ishmael3cw says:

    i enjoyed it lots as well

  7. Caitlin 5NG says:

    Well done 3&4

  8. Zainab A 5ms says:

    It was a cool play!

  9. millie says:

    I loved the play and the mice were very funny well done to all the children and staff

  10. HannahBhayat6LT says:

    Well done year 4’s at the acting and the dancing and singing!! It was a excellent play!

  11. Brenda says:

    Thank you to all the teachers for making the year 3 and 4 do the show on Monday and it was favelas !

  12. mariam5ms says:

    it was amazing I loved it the singing the dancing from the year threes and the fab acting.Well done all year 3’s and mostly the year 4’s.And obviously the teachers did awesome with the costumes it was an amazing production thankyou!

  13. Beth 3CW says:

    I nearly fell off the stage at the end of my dance because the lights went out

  14. lucy says:

    i loved it well done year 3 and 4 and well done teachers as well

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