Pirate Day!

Year One enjoyed life as a Pirate on Monday! They looked incredible (and terrifying) and began the day by making up their own Pirate name. During the day the children made hard biscuits that would actually have been eaten at sea. They also used watercolours to paint what they could see through a telescope and worked brilliantly together to create their own 3D Islands.
To top it all off a treasure hunt took place in the afternoon to find our stolen loot. Mr Stanton was made to walk the plank for this!
It was definitely a day to remember.



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  1. lucy 5ms says:

    bet it was fun

  2. Brenda says:

    It was the best day ever

  3. mariam5ms says:

    yes it looks so much fun I wish I was in year 1

  4. Zainab Attar 5ms says:

    You guys looked great!

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