NPower Kids’ Cup

The Year 5/6 football team were magnificent today in the Regional Finals at Crewe.

They won their group, winning 3 and drawing 2.

They won their semi-final versus Oldham on penalties.

Unfortunately we got beaten by Notts County in the final.




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  1. lucy 5ms says:

    well done nathen

  2. HannahBhayat6LT says:

    We’ll done boys 🙂

  3. super joey garner says:

    joey joey joey joey joey joey joey garner

  4. super joey garner says:

    ohh joey garner

  5. Brenda says:

    We’ll done boys unlucky though

  6. lucy says:

    Good play boys

  7. Yusuf5ms says:

    That was my sister Aaliyah who asked you a question

  8. Caitlin 5NG says:

    Well done

  9. Sam wignall says:

    Thank u Lucy and yusuf

  10. Aaliyah 1cm says:

    We’ll done Can I asce you. A question did you try your best?

  11. Yusuf5ms says:

    well done boys unlucky though

  12. lucy 5ms says:

    well done boys

  13. Sam wignall says:

    Well done boys I was a bit disappointed but at least we came off the pitch and can say we played are best

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