Pirates beware!

Year One began their pirate themed topic this week. They started by exploring all the resources in the classroom – the role play pirate ship, books, pirate Lego, small world pirate treasure and a treasure island. They also made their own treasure maps and drew ships.

Later in the term we will be learning about famous local animation hero Nick Park who created Wallace and Gromit. He also worked on “Pirates, an adventure with scientists”. We will also be going on a local treasure hunt as we look at our surroundings.

Yo ho ho!





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  1. lukeh5s says:

    My name is Luke,
    i am from Telford and are in year 5
    i have really enjoyed looking at your amazing blog and this pirate topic looks like a load of fun

    @ 5swwjs.primaryblogger.co.uk/

  2. danyaal says:

    they look fantastic

  3. JamieYear4 says:

    Great! We are doing a show about pirates!! The outfit and ship are sha-mazing!!!!

    • emily says:

      jamie dont be silly but i have to agree with you it is shamazing btw who ever thought of pirate day needs to talk to me because i realy wanted to do that pirate day:).

  4. Charlotte Harrison says:

    I love the boat its epic!

  5. Louie says:

    Cool and love the pirate hats!!

  6. cara says:


  7. Zainab A 5MS says:

    Seen your brill tastic pirate ship!

  8. ishmael3cw says:

    year 1 recently came to are class’ drew a pirate,wrote wanted at the top and at the bottom they wrote the bad deed

  9. Aaliyah year 1 says:

    It was a fantastic

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