Year 6 Trip

Everyone had a fantastic day on Monday visiting the Imperial War Museum and then watching Wanted! Robin Hood at the Lowry theatre. Thanks for inviting me along! What were your highlights of the day?




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  1. Beth 3CW says:

    It looks good fun

  2. Mariya6sh says:

    It was lots of fun!

  3. Zainab says:

    It was great I loved it I realy loved the Robin Hood show

  4. Hannah Bhayat 6LT says:

    This trip was absolutely fun. It was fun by seeing all the things that happened there and the theatre was really good! I had a really good time!

  5. danyaal 5ms says:

    that sounds well good

  6. Caitlin Kimberley Haworth says:

    I had a great time. It was so fascinating to see what they wore. The Lady said that the man who built it wanted visitors to get lost so they felt that they were actually in the war because in the war some men got lost

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