Christmas Fair

Did you have a good time at the Christmas Fair?

What did you buy?


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  1. Zoe6sh says:

    I loved the Christmas Fair and it was busy,but i did have a good time with the chocolate and drinks that were on the tombola, also I got henna on my hand!!!!!!

  2. husnaa3nm says:

    I went to the fair and I won a chocolate out of the to bola GREAT FAIR!!

  3. Jessica Knotts Y6 says:

    It was amaizing I won a drink on the tombola and had a henna on my hand it was amaizing ive never had a henna before

  4. Raeesah 3cw says:


  5. reece3nm says:


  6. olivia 3cw says:

    it was the best fair ever

  7. Charlie 3cw says:

    IT WAS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Mr.Sutclffe says:

    I had a fantastic time!

  9. danyaal 5ms says:

    i loved it

  10. danyaal 5ms says:

    yes i had a very good time

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