Today in R.E. we have been learning all about what a Christingles is and we have made our own!



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  1. Aaran 4pw says:

    It was really fun

  2. Aaran 4pw says:

    It was really fun

  3. DANYAAL5MS says:

    I loved it when I did it in year 4

  4. sasha.c (ex pupil) says:

    i remember making a christingle, but – don’t tell Mrs Sleet – the only part i remember was the red ribbon and how it represents Jesus’s blood (i think) ?

  5. keziahw says:

    It was great fun.Thank you Mrs Sleet see you at Church on Sunday

  6. Tapiwa says:

    I loved it, at the end of the day we all smelt like oranges:-):-):-)

  7. mariam5ms says:

    COOL I remember doing this in year 4

  8. ella says:

    I loved it to my mum said it was great and I told her what all the parts mean

  9. Meara says:

    I loved it

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