Golf Coaching

Year 4 were treated to some expert golf coaching from students and staff at Myerscough Golf Academy.

Did you enjoy it?

IMG 4935 Golf Coaching

IMG 4936 Golf Coaching

IMG 4934 Golf Coaching

IMG 4933 Golf Coaching

IMG 4932 Golf Coaching

Year 4 Dance

Year 4 have been exploring movements with 3 Dance students from UcLAN.

Did you enjoy it?

IMG 4554 Year 4 Dance

IMG 4555 Year 4 Dance

Welcome Back

I hope you’ve all settled into your new classes.

It’s time to start blogging. What would you like to see on the blog?

Lego club has started!

The children have all loved creating their own planes, cars and castles. They have worked together brilliantly and had a great time.

20140923 160243 57763215 Lego club has started!

20140923 160242 57762048 Lego club has started!

20140923 160242 57762629 Lego club has started!

20140923 160241 57761490 Lego club has started!

20140923 160245 57765348 Lego club has started!

20140923 160243 57763938 Lego club has started!

Welcome to Year 1

We’ve had a great week in Year 1. The children have settled well into all of the different routines and have already had some great experiences, especially when exploring their topic of hot and cold. They have built hot and cold scenes, touched (and tasted!) ice, felt warm sand and enjoyed role playing in desert and polar areas. We also spent time learning to draw chickens! This was a fun way to teach the children how our pencil grip is really important for writing and drawing and the pictures they created were amazing! Ask them to draw you a chicken at home!

20140909 161728 58648316 Welcome to Year 1

20140909 161727 58647727 Welcome to Year 1

20140909 161726 58646526 Welcome to Year 1

20140909 161725 58645915 Welcome to Year 1

20140909 161728 58648834 Welcome to Year 1

20140909 161727 58647065 Welcome to Year 1

Year 1 explore in the woods!

On Monday the children had a fantastic time on their school trip. Have a look at the different experiences they had when exploring in the woods.

The Chicken Coop

The chicken coop has arrived and finally been put together! The chickens will be arriving at their new home next week and we can’t wait. The chicken coop is for the whole school and we’re looking forward to arranging for children from across the school to help look after them. Do you want to help?

Cricket Whites

Voting is live. Please click HERE.

Science Assembly

Steven Rossington from Salford University has been in school teaching the children about Solids, Liquids and Gases.

He also has been into the junior classes to teach them about different areas of science.

Did you enjoy it?

20140605 092126 33686833 Science Assembly

20140605 092125 33685009 Science Assembly

20140605 092124 33684080 Science Assembly

20140605 092125 33685927 Science Assembly

20140605 092128 33688690 Science Assembly

20140605 092127 33687760 Science Assembly

20140605 092129 33689643 Science Assembly

20140605 093835 34715513 Science Assembly

Roman Day

Mr. Wilson, the History coordinator, arranged for Year 4 to have a visitor to come into school to teach all the children about Roman Britain.

They were entertained and learnt loads of facts!

Did you enjoy it?

20140604 094157 34917356 Roman Day

20140604 094158 34918278 Roman Day

Free Cricket Whites for school

From Monday 9th June, you are able to vote for our school to receive some new cricket whites courtesy of Arnold Clark. Click the link to take you to the relevant page. The more votes we get – the more likely it is we will win the kit!

Please get clicking!

World War 1 Drama

This afternoon we were treated to a fantastic drama all about The Great War.

Did you enjoy it?

20140603 142318 51798152 World War 1 Drama

20140603 142319 51799070 World War 1 Drama

20140603 142319 51799955 World War 1 Drama

Panini World Cup Stickers Swap Shop

Need to complete your book?

Got a truck load of swaps?

Come to the ‘Swap Shop‘ in 4PW on Friday lunchtime.

Remember not to swap stickers during other times in school otherwise they may get banned!

20140509 124601 Panini World Cup Stickers Swap Shop

Year 5 Visit to the Cuerden Estate

Year 5 visited Cuerden Valley Park on Monday and Tuesday 28th and 29th April to take part in a Victorian themed apprenticeship day. The children tried their hand at becoming a Gamekeeper, a Gardener, a Scullery maid and a Forester. They all enjoyed the day although some took to the hard labour better than others. Who do you think might deserve a job at the big house?


P4280016 300x225 Year 5 Visit to the Cuerden Estate

Hundertwasser Art in Year 1

Year one have been looking at the art of Hundertwasser. It has inspired them to produce their own work and the results are amazing. They are all incredibly proud of their masterpieces. What do you think?

Sound – String Telephones

Class 4PW have been looking at sound. They are been looking at how sound travels.

Will have tried to prove that sound travels better through a solid object than the air.

20140429 165153 Sound String Telephones

20140429 165203 Sound String Telephones

20140429 165211 Sound String Telephones

St George’s Day

Liyaa’s mum (4JW) made this fantastic cake that Year 4 shared out to celebrate St George’s Day.

Isn’t it amazing!

20140423 154013 St Georges Day

Sherwood at Ewood

Sherwood were invited to take part in a penalty competition at Blackburn Rovers’, Ewood Park ground at the half time interval of ESFA u18 v SSFA u18.

We didn’t win but had a good time.

20140411 202454 Sherwood at Ewood

Treasure? Yo, ho, ho!

I’ve just got back from the first performance of Treasure Island by Year 3/4.

Wow! What can I say?

Excellent acting, singing and dancing.

Did you enjoy it?

Pirate Day!

Year One enjoyed life as a Pirate on Monday! They looked incredible (and terrifying) and began the day by making up their own Pirate name. During the day the children made hard biscuits that would actually have been eaten at sea. They also used watercolours to paint what they could see through a telescope and worked brilliantly together to create their own 3D Islands.
To top it all off a treasure hunt took place in the afternoon to find our stolen loot. Mr Stanton was made to walk the plank for this!
It was definitely a day to remember.

20140325 224502 Pirate Day!

20140325 224521 Pirate Day!