Sherwood at Ewood

Sherwood were invited to take part in a penalty competition at Blackburn Rovers’, Ewood Park ground at the half time interval of ESFA u18 v SSFA u18.

We didn’t win but had a good time.

20140411 202454 Sherwood at Ewood

Treasure? Yo, ho, ho!

I’ve just got back from the first performance of Treasure Island by Year 3/4.

Wow! What can I say?

Excellent acting, singing and dancing.

Did you enjoy it?

Pirate Day!

Year One enjoyed life as a Pirate on Monday! They looked incredible (and terrifying) and began the day by making up their own Pirate name. During the day the children made hard biscuits that would actually have been eaten at sea. They also used watercolours to paint what they could see through a telescope and worked brilliantly together to create their own 3D Islands.
To top it all off a treasure hunt took place in the afternoon to find our stolen loot. Mr Stanton was made to walk the plank for this!
It was definitely a day to remember.

20140325 224502 Pirate Day!

20140325 224521 Pirate Day!

NPower Kids’ Cup

The Year 5/6 football team were magnificent today in the Regional Finals at Crewe.

They won their group, winning 3 and drawing 2.

They won their semi-final versus Oldham on penalties.

Unfortunately we got beaten by Notts County in the final.

20140314 182101 NPower Kids Cup

20140314 182112 NPower Kids Cup

20140314 182126 NPower Kids Cup

Y3/4 Football

The Y3/4 football team were unlucky runners up in the Preston Schools, Sir Tom Finney trophy today.

They were beaten 2-1 by Broughton in the final.

The B Team didn’t manage to make the knockout stages but win the ‘Penalty Shoot-Out Plate’.

20140313 170837 Y3/4 Football

World Book Day in Year One

We enjoyed reading our own books, comics, dictionaries or magazines in Year One. We then reviewed our books with friends and wrote a leaflet about them.

What did you do to celebrate World Book Day?

Football – Year 3/4

Next Thursday, Sherwood will take part in the Preston Schools’ Year 3/4 Football tournament at Vida.

Mr Whelan has had ‘trials’ with both year groups and, after consultation with his scouts, (Mr Hudson, Mr Green, Mrs Wiles, Mrs Mirza and Mrs Wild) he has selected his squad.

The following children need to get a letter off Mr Whelan on Wednesday morning.

Thomas P (GK)
Isaac M
Thomas A
Henry N
Reece L
Bryce M

Max B (GK)
Rian B
Sam M
Jay B
James G
Reece C (Y3)
Bobby H (Y3)

Well done to those selected and we are sure that they will represent Sherwood to the highest standards.

If you didn’t get selected, don’t get too downhearted. You never know, you may be selected for other teams in the future.

Pirates beware!

Year One began their pirate themed topic this week. They started by exploring all the resources in the classroom – the role play pirate ship, books, pirate Lego, small world pirate treasure and a treasure island. They also made their own treasure maps and drew ships.

Later in the term we will be learning about famous local animation hero Nick Park who created Wallace and Gromit. He also worked on “Pirates, an adventure with scientists”. We will also be going on a local treasure hunt as we look at our surroundings.

Yo ho ho!

20140225 164217 Pirates beware!

20140225 164240 Pirates beware!

20140225 164304 Pirates beware!

20140225 164315 Pirates beware!

Year One Healthy Hearts Day

Hearts were pumping not just with love on Valentine’s Day in Year One!

We learnt about what the heart does, how it works and how to keep it healthy. We tested our heart rate, used stepometers and tasted healthy homemade smoothies. The children invented their own.

We then finished the day by learning a new cheerleading routine with our own pom-poms!
We are exhausted! But our hearts have been active!

Girls’ Football

Mr Stanton took the girls to the annual football tournament held by Preston Primary Schools’ Sports Council. They coasted through their group and won their quarter final. Unfortunately they were beaten in the semi-final.

However, they won the 3rd place play off, so went home with a bronze medal.

20140213 200454 Girls Football

2MH visit to 3CW

3CW were so impressed when they shared the stories that 2MH had written about Horrid Henry this week. Year 2 heard some of the Year 3 stories too. What did you think about our story time?

It’s Showtime!

Everyone in Year 1 and Year 2 had a fantastic time putting on our show last week. Here are a few pictures to remember it by.

Winter seas

Year One discussed the recent winter storms. They were inspired to write amazing poems about stormy seas. They used sand, pebbles and water to find the sounds of the sea. They even flooded a doll’s house to see how it would feel to have their houses flooded by a winter storm.

Special films of waves crashing made the classroom feel cold and wintery!

Could you write a poem about a winter sea?

20140211 205054 Winter seas

20140211 205105 Winter seas

20140211 205110 Winter seas

Investigating bulbs

Year One have enjoyed investigating flowering bulbs over the past few months. They have made up their own experiments. Some of them decided to put bulbs in the freezer or fridge to see what happens. Others put them in sand or water.
The results have been very interesting. Did the bulbs in the freezer survive?

20140207 202304 Investigating bulbs

20140207 202310 Investigating bulbs

Literacy in 4PW

image 300x225 Literacy in 4PWimage1 300x225 Literacy in 4PW In Literacy we have been looking at Explanation Texts. Today we have been focussing on the different stages of The Water Cycle. How many of the key words can you remember from each of the stages?

Science in 4PW

The children have been doing some fantastic work with the Data Loggers in Science.

Did you enjoy it?

20140206 185611 Science in 4PW

Young Voices at the MEN

All the children that travelled to the MEN on Tuesday had a fantastic time. Their singing and behaviour was wonderful and it was great to be a part of such a special event. It might have been a long day but it was worth it! I’m looking forward to next year’
s trip already! What did you think about the day? Would you like to be a part of it next year?

20140205 194830 Young Voices at the MEN

20140205 194849 Young Voices at the MEN

20140205 194905 Young Voices at the MEN

20140205 201235 Young Voices at the MEN

Crewe bound…

Sherwood 9                   v             Longsands 4
Nicholson 2                                  Howarth 4
Farooq 3
Darley 2
Howarth 2
Sherwood took an early lead through a tidy finish into the bottom corner from Nicholson against the Longsands and PNE u11 keeper, Monk.
Farooq doubled Sherwood’s lead.
Longsands came back at Sherwood with two goals late into the first half with strikes from A. Howarth.
Half time 2-2
A great strike from Nicholson meant Sherwood went into the lead.
Sherwood then proceeded to dominate, scoring 5 quick goals, the pick of them a left foot strike from Sherwood and PNE u10 winger, Howarth.
Fantastic link up play from Darley (Sherwood and BRFC u10) and Howarth resulted in another goal from Sherwood.
Longsands scored two more goals whilst trying to reduce the deficit, but it was too little too late.
The referee blew the final whistle and Sherwood go on to win the Preston North End Kids’ Cup for the third time in 6 years.
Manager Mr Paul Whelan was delighted with the victory and hopes the boys take this victory into the Preston Schools’ League and Cup competitions
Sherwood now represent PNE in the next round of the Kids’ Cup in Crewe.  The winners of that, play in front of the L1 Play-off final.

A special delivery in Year 1

This morning we had a Chinese takeaway in Year 1. The children enjoyed tasting spring rolls, noodles and prawn crackers and thinking about how to describe the food. We then wrote letters back to the Takeaway to thank them, describing our thoughts about the food. One idea was that prawn crackers could be made in special shapes, like a heart or car! What do you think about Chinese food?

3CW Walk to Booths

Despite getting a bit wet, we had a great walk in the local area to Booths. What are your highlights of the morning?